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3D Printed Violin

An acoustic violin printed in biodegradable thermoplastic polyester - PLA (Polylactide). The design is a mix between the already successful opensource projects

OpenFAB PBX and Hovalin.

AW Collection

Signature sound.

The Modular Fiddle has the sound quality and playability of a quiet mid-range wooden violin. The nature of the design optimized for rapid prototyping, gives freedom to experiment with the shape of the bridge or body, and modify the tone of the instrument.



Printed on a consumer grade FDM desktop 3D printer in a couple of days using PLA - the ubiquitous and biodegradable thermoplastic. Two Ø8mm carbon fiber tubes at its core provide rigidity.

It uses ukulele tuners, regular violin tailpiece and medium tension 4/4 strings.


A journey.

The instruments is highly customizable and versatile giving the opportunity to adapt its sound and looks to the players style. It's also a fantastic way to learn about acoustics and industrial design.

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